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Kerry Washington’s hot sideboob pics

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

Kerry Washington displays her sensual pouting lips in this photoshoot, and even gives us a glimpse of her boobies with a sideboob. I like how she looks kind of in the clouds in this shoot, because if there’s a girl who’d be game to do wild things, it’s a chick who’s high from snorting shit up her nose.

Well, if she likes snorting things, why doesn’t she take a hit of my cock and quit the pretense of being naked for the sake of being glamorous? Well, okay, every Hollywood celebrity is required to pretend they’re being glamorous when all they just want to do is be skanky in the streets, not give a fuck, and blame being a high-profile celeb for their naughty deeds. Unfortunately, celebs need to be some sort of role model for the idiots who can’t find any place decent than Hollywood to look for real role models, so they need to stick to a modicum of respectability. Respect, at least, that lasts until the camera is turned off, where they can resume their slutty ways and find a random guy with who’ll take viagra for the extra hardness in their cocks so they can fuck the shit out of Kerry Washington’s pussy.

Okay, that was more a rant than meaningful praise for Kerry Washington and her much-coveted pussy and tits. Oh well. Just click on the link to get more of Kerry Washington’s naked and skanky pictures.

Kerry Washington in interracial sex

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

In the film Sexual Life, we can see Kerry Washington engaged in hot interracial fucking, and if that’s your kind of thing, you bet your ass we’ve got the full clip covered here for your masturbating pleasure. You can watch Kerry’s black pussy get ripped by some dude’s whiteboy cock, and, despite the acting, Kerry seems really into it that she’s actually pushing the guy’s ass closer. She might’ve even gotten her pussy hole close enough to let the tip of his cock slide inside her, and I’m sure shooting this was a real treat for her horny pussy.

And if you look close enough, you’ll see how strangely convincing the fuck scene is, especially when the camera pulls out and you see the guy jerking his hips back and forth, and Kerry’s hands and legs wrapped around him tightly; there’s obviously no way for the cock to go buck straight inside Kerry’s wet cunt. Now, if you think I’m making this all up for shit, you can hit the link and see Kerry Washington’s hot fuck scene from Sexual Life.

Kerry Washington fucked in She Hate Me

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

Hottie Kerry Washington stars in the dramedy She Hate Me as a lesbian linked to a man who strikes it rich as a sperm donor for droves of lesbians who come knocking on his door to be impregnated. While the film was widely panned by critics for being too crude with the sexual politics suggested in the plot, it’s still a gem of a filmfor Kerry Washington, since we see her yummy raisin tits and her vicious o-face in a wild sex scene.

She might be playing a lesbian here in the movie, but her true roots as a straight chick who loves cocks comes out in the scene. You’ll see her moan and pant out loud as her tits get grappled by her fuckmate, and as she gets pinned against the wall in a mad rush of making out. Of course, Kerry Washington’s inspiration for such a believably horny acting comes from thinking of the scene as actually real, so while the director’s praising her for her stellar acting, in her head, she’s all, “Yeah, fuck me, stick that black cock in my pussy, ram me!” So if ever Kerry runs out of good projects, she’ll be comfortable switching to hardcore porno, since her tits and her pussy’s had enough experience, albeit softcore.

You can check out the video clip of Kerry Washington’s wild fuck scene from She Hate Me by clicking on the link.